A writing lab in my pocket

The iSchool Initiative has recently partnered with a company called Niles Technology Group, an app developing company that helps students with essays.

They go beyond just providing an informative app and provide a whole writing lab in the palm of your hand. They have apps on over 40 essay types and apps specifically for ESL (English as a second language). I wanted to go over one of their apps in paticular, the historical essay writing app.

I recently had a historical informative essay due in my English class and decided to use there app for my paper. Each essay app has different levels you can buy. The lite version simply gives you helping info about writing your paper. But if you buy the full version you get writing assistance and paper editing. If you hit a road block you can email them and within 24 hours they will assist you.

I began writing my paper using thier historical essay app as a refrence and then sent my paper in to be reviewed. What they sent back was above and beyond what I expected, with tips to improve my writing, raising questions I should concider in my paper and on top of it all, they helped my paper with grammer and structure.

(Image of actual email)

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my experience with their essay app and believe it is worth the money to have a writing lab in my pocket.

2 Responses to “A writing lab in my pocket”
  1. sdpbc says:

    Using mobility and apps to actually improve the writing skills of students (and adults) is a big improvement from simplly using spelling and grammar checking tools. Thank you for sharing and for your continued work.
    By the way, I think you meant “their” instead of “there” in the third paragraph.

  2. sdpbc says:

    Love the app concept for improving student (and adult) writing skills instead of just using spelling and grammar check apps. Kudos to the developer/author!

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